Why Roger Moore Is A Style Icon May 26 2017, 0 Comments


Roger Moore, the James Bond Legend sadly passed away this week at the age of 89. Moore was the perfect gentleman who self-deprecatingly put himself as the fourth best Bond behind Daniel Craig, Sir Sean Connery and George Lazenby however judging by the affection on social media in the wake of his passing- he was clearly a firm favourite of the people. Sir Roger had his trademark arched eyebrow, smirk across his face and his tongue firmly in his cheek that would have sent any woman into a frenzy. He took the role of Band later in life and played 007 from the ages of 45 to 57 meaning his wasn’t the most convincing action man, he was more of a lover then a fighter – hence why he had his fair share of beautiful bond girls. Something you may not have known about Roger Moore is that he raised ¢90m for Unicef as a goodwill ambassador, for which he was knighted.


Impeccable fashion and style is definitely just one of the things Moore will be remembered for so we have decided to go back over some of his iconic look to share his style secrets.


Find Your Best Angle


Young Sir Roger did a bit of modeling back in the day. Here he is as a TV actor in LA in his mid-thirties, rocking a short-sleeved shirt. We can all agree the man knew how to work a camera. Moore once stated - “I spent my life playing heroes because I looked like one”. “Practically everything I’ve been offered didn’t require much beyond looking like me. I would have loved to play a real baddie”. It’s a tough life isn’t it Roger!

Button Up!


No matter what situation Bond got himself into, he was always dressed to impress, even if he was under torture.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Pattern


What else would you wear for a top-secret mission? A wide-lapelled black-white-and-red plaid blazer of course! When this is the centrepiece of your outfit, keep everything else muted so as not to compete.

Get Your Proportions Right


This light grey suit was one of Moore’s favourites and was often seen to wear it off set too. Roger had broad chest and a long neck so notice the generous proportions of lapel, collar and tie all work together in harmony for a flattering cut. As he knew well, there should be just a hint of shirt showing at the cuffs.

Wear a Bow Tie


A tuxedo is synonymous with James Bond and it has been worn in countless different ways in countless styles. But one thing remains constant: the bow is always self-tie, never pre-tied or a necktie. While styles have changed over the years for Bone, evening wear has stayed fairly consistent. Roger Moore’s 007 always looked charming in a bow tie. Nobody does it better.